Project PC

Project PC was developed to help bridge the digital divide between the general population and our clients, those who are challenged and/or disabled, and provide a service to the community by recycling or reusing non-working and/or obsolete electronic equipment in safe and responsible ways.


To achieve our mission, Project PC operates an educational, non-profit workshop/training environment to educate and train the challenged and/or disabled to refurbish, de-manufacture and recycle electronic equipment, to provide other learning and educational opportunities to enable them to join the general workforce and to utilize computers in their everyday life.


Project PC is primarily sustained by donations of:

•  Computers: desktops, laptops, tablets, mainframes, servers, etc.

•  Peripherals: printers, scanners, monitors, keyboards, etc.

•  Computer parts: RAM, hard drives, cables, ribbons, etc.

•  Other electronic waste (e-waste): cell phones, televisions, PDAs, game consoles, etc.


Remember hardware you can write off, people you can't. Donate your excess technology to Project PC today.


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